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My favorite books on kindness!

Kindness is truly the definition of etiquette. During our program series we teach students the importance of respecting themselves by showing kindness to others. I wanted to share just a few of my favorite books that teach kindness, compassion and caring; lessons for us all.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee tells the story of a friendly zookeeper, Amos McGee, who always makes time to visit his zoo friends but ends up not feeling well one day and has some unexpected visitors. (click here)

The Invisible Boy teaches us that a simple act of kindness can transform an invisible boy into a friend. Brian is a boy who is never noticed or invited to birthday parties until a new boy comes to class and changes everything. (click here)

Those Shoes Everyone at school seems to be wearing the latest trend in shoes and that's all Jeremy wants. Jeremy’s grandma lets him know that they don’t have room for "want," just "need"and soon sees that the things he does have... warm boots, a loving grandma, and the chance to help a friend, far out weigh more than the things he wants. (click here)

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? teaches both young and old readers the important lessons about caring, sharing, and giving to others. Kindness to others goes along way to making this world a happier place for everyone, including ourselves. (click here)

Be Kind This wonderful story explores the definition of kindness, and that no matter how big or small, acts of kindness makes a difference. (click here)

The Giving Tree is the story of a relationship between a boy and apple tree. The tree is very "giving" and the boy evolves into a "taking" teenager, man, and ultimately an elderly man. This classic book was first published in 1964 and continues to teach some valuable lessons. (click here)

We're All Wonders is a story about August (Auggie) Pullman who is born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to the neighborhood school. Auggie wants nothing more than to be treated like an ordinary kid when he begins 5th grade at this new school but his classmates can’t get past his appearance. (click here)

Enemy Pie This story begins with the perfect summer until, enemy, Jeremy Ross moves down the street. Dad plays an important role when he encourages a a play day and pie! (click here)

I Am Human is a book that shows us that we can make good choices by acting with compassion and having empathy for others and ourselves. (click here)

I Walk With Vanessa explores the feelings and helplessness that arise after seeing a classmate being treated badly. I Walk with Vanessa shows how a single act of kindness can lead to an entire community reaching out to help. (click here)

These books are all so wonderful with important messages for all of us. Do you have a favorite book that's not on the list? Let me know by commenting below.

With love,

Robin Hammond

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