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Business Etiquette
Empowering adults through the use of every day etiquette and soft skills


We’ve all heard the old business cliché, “Good help is hard to find”, and that couldn’t be more true than in today’s business world.  From the first time a potential customer contacts your office, to securing that purchase/service, let’s face it, your employees are the voice/faces of your business.

Our in-house Business Etiquette Program is designed to empower employees through basic etiquette and social skills while creating a positive work environment.

Topics Include:

  • First Impressions

  • Grooming & Hygiene

  • Dressing for Success

  • Telephone Etiquette

  • Professional & Unprofessional Work Behaviors

  • How to Keep Your Clients Happy

  • The Best Employee & Co-worker

  • Recognizing High Conflict Personalities

  • Professional and Unprofessional Behaviors

  • Email & Social Media Etiquette

  • Deescalating High Conflict Situations

  • How to Recognize and Deal with High Conflict Personalities

  • Back to the Basics with Manners

  • Time Management

  • Table/Dining Etiquette

  • Why Handwritten “Thank You” Notes are Important in the Work Place

We offer a couple of different options customized to meet your business needs.  Simply fill out the form below to receive additional information and pricing.

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"We give Southern Hospitality & Etiquette five stars!  Mrs. Hammond came through for us last minute we couldn't be more thankful for her knowledge and professionalism!  The youth sang her praises after the presentation and thought she was the ideal person to teach them how etiquette is simply kindness and how to feel confident in any setting.  We will definitely be utilizing Southern Hospitality & Etiquette for future events." -Rachel Noble, Ed.D


At Southern Hospitality Etiquette we teach Kentucky youth and adults how to be strong leaders in their communities, and how to cultivate positive relationships through etiquette and manners.

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