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Manners at the farm camp!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Boy did 2020 bring crazy into everyone's life! It forced our programs to shut down and after several requests I agreed to host zoom classes; I did not enjoy them. I honestly feel that teaching manners and etiquette is a personal thing.

I didn't want everything we had worked so hard for to be forgotten and when I created Southern Hospitality & Etiquette, I knew at some point we would launch a small boutique of hostess gifts and party supplies but it was way down on the list. Well, that's what 2020 did for me; so at the end of the year I began offering gifts and packaged items. It was well received and I am so incredibly thankful.

As classes began to be a thought again, I wanted to look and see what or if we needed to make changes. I'll admit that Covid was a big reason for a lot of those changes, no question. So we have pulled away from socials, and our seven class series and are focusing on luncheons and formal dinners, giving parents the option of how many classes without feeling obligated to do more than they feel comfortable doing. We will continue teaching our curriculum just in a different, more compact way.

It makes sense that this is where I introduce our latest addition to Southern Hospitality & Etiquette; Manners at the farm camp. For those of you that know me, know that I absolutely love being at the farm. I raise ducks, a garden, fruit trees and collect duck eggs every day. So when Herb and I were talking it only made sense that I share that love with children through a morning camp.

We will test the waters this year by offering one, maybe two weeks and to see how it is received with the thought of having six weeks next year! Talk about exciting!

During camp, children will help feed ducks, collect eggs, eat a wonderful farm breakfast while learning about table manners and work on crafts. We've got some very fun crafts planned for the group! So, as we all make adjustments this year, I hope your child joins me for a fun week of kindness, ducks and crafts!



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