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Virtual Learning Etiquette

As the new school year begins for most students the chalkboard will look different with virtual classes popping up online but one thing that remains the same.... ETIQUETTE & MANNERS. Here are a few Do's & Don'ts for virtual learning etiquette that I hope you will follow this year.

Do BE DRESSED & GROOMED. Remember the speech given about bed making leading to success? Well, the same rule applies when you put stock in yourself and your appearance. Brushing your hair and teeth along with putting clean clothes on starts your day off on a positive note.

Do FIND A QUIET PLACE. Be sure to set up a learning space that is quiet, well lit and has enough table space to do in-class work and homework. I recommend being in a separate room and away from distractions such as the t.v., gaming systems or other family members who are socializing.

Do BE ON TIME. It's better to show up early than to disrespect someone's time by being late. You don't want to distract other students coming into the class late, and you could miss out on important information.

Do LOOK AT CAMERA AND RAISE YOUR HAND TO SPEAK. Your teachers will most likely have their own set of rules on how to speak in your virtual classroom but be sure to listen to your teacher and classmates and wait your turn to speak.

Do PARTICIPATE. Make sure to participate like you would in a normal classroom setting. Your teacher has worked hard on assignments and wants to know you are listening and understanding the information.

Do HAVE ASSIGNMENTS READY. Show up to class with the tools and assignments your teacher has asked you to have for the day. This shows him/her that you are participating and respect their time and classroom.

I know this year may not be as fun as getting together with friends but hopefully we will get back to those times soon. Have a wonderful school year and remember what the true definition of etiquette is.....KINDNESS! So, be kind, use your words carefully and always treat others like you would want to be treated.

With love,

Mrs. Hammond

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