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Welcome 2020!

Remember when your grandmother would tell you that "the older you became the faster time would go"? And remember how you would roll your eyes because Christmas seemed to take years instead of 11 quick months. Well, here I grandmother at the rip old age of 48. OUCH, that is pretty hard to put out there!

Last January I decided to listen to my heart and gave life to this business; unsure how it would be received, if I had lost my mind (pretty sure my husband thought I had), and most importantly...would people see value in the same things I do? Well, here I am, one year later, excited to be planning for the new year.

This year I hope to continue this journey, making the road a little longer and fuller by teaching our children the importance of loving one another through etiquette and manners. I giggle when I hear people refer to etiquette as "snotty", clearly they are unaware of it's true meaning. To display etiquette is to display respect for oneself and others; manners truly do matter.

Join us this year as we begin a new etiquette season, pin ideas to our Southern Hospitality Etiquette Pinterest boards, and dish on all things etiquette and manners on our podcast.

With Love,


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